Nov 9, 2007

Jeffrey Cheah the rural kid...impacted by a good man of God

Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah has become one of the country’s leading corporate giants and a pioneer tertiary education provider. Cheah is the founder and chairman of the Sunway Group, the company that has turned a piece of mining land into a thriving modern township called Bandar Sunway. His success story has obviously inspired many young ambitious persons to believe that if there is a will and a willingness to work hard, almost nothing is impossible to achieve.

For Cheah himself, the inspiration and motivation for his achievement is an American pastor by the name of John Harvard. The pastor in Massachusetts, USA, donated his entire library to a college dedicated to train pastors and theologians when he died in 1938. The college has since evolved to become Harvard University, now one of the top Ivy League schools in the US and among the top universities of the world.

For Cheah, emulating the selfless pastor was something almost passionate. He has, since learning about John Harvard’s life and work, strived to make serving humanity, especially the poor and needy, his mission in life...The Star

Who has impacted your life?
Did a man of God impacted you to make you change your course of life?
What is your purpose in Life? Will you make a pledge to Change the World around you today?

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