Nov 9, 2007

Pastor missing funds ?

On Wednesday Star newspaper, we read: Former assistant withdraws himself as bailor for pastor Menon in Ipoh. A former assistant has withdrawn himself as bailor for Menon Manasa A.J. George, a pastor charged with running an unlawful society and getting funds for his church without permission...Menon, 43, is on trial for illegally running Pertubuhan Persaudaraan Kristian Thaveethin Kudaram (Tabernacle of David) on Jalan Ng Weng Hup, First Garden here from Jan 28 to Feb 28 last year. He is also being charged with procuring funds for the church at the same place and time...The Star

The world is taking notice of what is happening in the church today. There is a need for greater transparency and accountability among those who profess to serve God. People are no longer naive or innocent to the extent that everything a pastor, or priest or prophet say is considered as from God. This is totally biblical and right because we read of people from the Bible always examining to see that what they have heard is from the Bible and not from just words from an emotional preacher.

The Bible says we know in part and at times we prophesy in part. That's why even prophets need to be tested. They need to be judged by the Word of God - to see whether what they have prophesied is from the Bible.

In days of old, where they had no Bible, the prophets who say more that what they should say as from God, were killed or stoned to death - because they add to the words of God. That means they talk too much - more than what they should say. God takes this as very serious because entire congregation can be led astray - just by the mere "holy" appearance of a man / woman.

In this situation in Ipoh, funds were raised. I believe many sermons would have been preached so that the people would have given much to him - as if they are giving to God. The law does not distinguish whether you are a pastor or not. If you have been dishonest and mishandle public's money, you are liable to judgement.

Let us not be so innocent, but read your Bible to be full of the wisdom and knowledge of God, so that we will not be taken in by dishonest "holy" people.

Wont you like to know where your contributions go to - in the extension of the Kingdom of God; and not to the kingdom of man?

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