Nov 9, 2007

Stop gay pastor from sowing warped ideas

The following was written by a Concerned Christian from Seremban:

WELCOMING homosexuals into the church and welcoming a homosexual pastor are two different things. Everyone is welcome to sit in the pews “as sheep to be fed by the shepherd”. But not everyone should be a shepherd.

In law, a judge must abide by the Constitution. And in medicine, a doctor must abide by the Hippocratic Oath. Anything short of this is unlawful, and borders on the criminal.

In Christianity, the pastor must abide by the Bible. The Bible is clear about its stand on homosexuality, and anyone who preaches otherwise is leading sheep astray and destroying impressionable young lives.

Perhaps, there is not enough legislation yet for the law to prosecute. But that does not mean that Malaysians should sit idly by while a church from America tells us that we should accept their warped interpretation of freedom of expression.

On behalf of all concerned Malaysians, I appeal to the authorities to nip this in the bud and close our door to this intrusion once and for all.


Should more Christian voice out their opinions and comments to tell the world that we are concerned about our spiritual and physical environment?

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