Oct 6, 2007

Everyone needs a new heart

Hui Yee gets a new heart. Organ came from 15-year-old crash victim. Mechanical heart girl Tee Hui Yi successfully underwent a heart transplant yesterday after receiving the organ from an accident patient who died in Ipoh on Wednesday...The Star Malaysia

[latest update on October 7: Tee Hui Yi is indeed a miracle girl. The teenager, who is making steady progress after a second heart transplant on Friday, had no luck with six potential donors in the past nine months. Yet, in a space of 24 hours, she had two suitable donors. The first failed and the doctors are now “cautiously optimistic” about the second heart transplant.]

Hui Yee was carrying a mechanical pump attached to a portable battery for almost two years before the mechanical parts start to give way. There was an urgent need to replace those parts or find a heart honor so that she can live.

In order to find a heart donor, the donor has to die first! The donor cannot donate part of his or her heart to another patient and expect to live. Ask any doctor if you doubt this. Thank God, there was someone who had died recently and the heart is available immediately. The compatibility is another issue altogether but the most important thing now is the availability. Someone had gave his heart for her. Someone had to die so she can live.

The Bible tells us, Jesus had to die so that we can live. We had a hardened heart, a broken heart, an evil heart, a cheating heart and if we continue on in this manner, we would die a terrible and early death. This death may mean early physical death but definitely it means early spiritual death - separation from God and His salvation.

Do you have a new heart? Did you take out your old heart and replaced it with the heart of Jesus - a heart that is merciful, compassionate, gentle, caring, forgiving and most of all godly?

If you do not have, would you trade your old heart for his new heart just like what Hui Yee did in the natural?

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