Oct 8, 2007

Hot issues being managed all the time?

Although Malaysia is often touted internationally as a miracle of racial and religious tolerance, the truth is there have been times when the country has “come to close to the brink of disaster,” said the Prime Minister. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said 50 years after independence, race and religion were still hot issues “which we have to manage all the time.” “We have been solving one racial issue after another. That is a fact,” he said when delivering his address at the Gerakan National Delegates Conference...The Star Malaysia.

As a country of diverse backgrounds, we are always finding out and highlighting all the differences instead of the similarities. Religious issues are always hot topics which have always been shown difficult to handle. More so, when we have the OSA and the ISA in place, such hot issues are more often just dusted under the carpet.The church cannot be just an isolated religious institution anymore. There is not one church in the Bible, whether in the New or Old Testament, where you see the church as a monastery - hiding from the ills of society or being indifferent to the community that it is planted. We are not just talking about social welfare activities which in themselves are good and to be praised. But there is a greater need for the church to stand up for justice, lawfulness, righteousness and godliness.

King Solomon in his wiser days proclaimed that "Righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach to the people". He is not just referring to righteous thoughts and intelligent matter but he is calling for a people that will stand up for righteousness both in mind and in act. He is calling for the church in his days to take a more positive part in building a righteous nation so that the nations round about Israel will be awed by the soundness and prosperity in the kingdom. Queen of Sheba was wowed and there was found no more spirit within her (it took her breath away) when she saw the kingdom of Solomon that is built on godly principles and righteous acts.

Today, many Christians will not talk of hot issues. They may be the best word expositors of the Bible but will remain in the background when such so-called hot issues are deliberated in the community. Would you stand for what you believe is the right thing to do?

Gerakan as a political party has made a grand proposal. What do you think?

Gerakan has proposed that Barisan Nasional forms committees at the national, state and district levels to discuss important issues, especially relating to religion, culture and ethnic relations...The committees could involve party leaders and elected representatives who were not holding any government positions. Such a consultation model can later be expanded to include leaders from the private sector and non-governmental organizations.

This would be an opportune time for the Christian input that can determine the future of the church in Malaysia and also stem the emigration tide of Christians to other countries. Can you be involved? Would you take action for investing in the future generation?

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