Oct 4, 2007

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all men

The leaders of North and South Korea have signed a joint declaration calling for a permanent peace deal on the Korean Peninsula.

South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and the North's Kim Jong-il issued the declaration after a three-day historic summit in Pyongyang.

Wow. This is a historic moment. Don’t play play!

For years, North and South Korea had been at each others back. They had been shooting at each other, blaming each other for their own woes, even threatening to invade their territory. Actually, these supposedly dangerous incidents are mainly concocted at top level political presumptions. Whether it is for legitimate reasons or not, war was always an easy alternative for them – and especially when North Korea was going through food and economic famine.

But look here, the leaders of North and South Korea are now signing a joint declaration calling for a peace deal and closer economic ties. This calls for great rejoicing even though the effects of such a historic moment have yet to simmer down to the grassroots.

For the common person on the road, it means they can travel to either North or South Korea to be reunited back with their long lost families, which were separated by the war. Peace at last. Hopefully, this peace will bring about a right turn for North Korea too, in view of their need of an urgent economic shot in the arm.

Do you think North and South Korea are sincere in signing this peace treaty?
Hitler also initiated peace deals with his neighbors before attacking them?
Some said that the Iranian President is trying to emulate Hitler?
Do you think the ways of the North Korean leader is like Hitler’s?

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