Oct 20, 2007

Christians call for Church to combat crime

The vast majority of churchgoers think the church should tackle gun and knife crime, according to findings of a recent survey. Prayer, mentoring, parenting support and building closer relationships with the police and local crime and disorder partnerships were named as priorities for the church in the Church Consultation on Violent Crime. The research, carried out by Premier Christian Media in association with the Metropolitan Black Police Association and Hope for London, will be launched in Methodist Central Hall with a press conference on Monday 22 October. More than 3,240 church members and leaders from across the UK took part – and 89 percent of these felt gun and violent crime was an issue the church should address...Christianity Today

All over the world, we are finding an increase in the crime activities in cities, suburbs, towns and even countrysides. England is no exception. The churches in England are fed-up with the escalating crime rate happening at their doorstep. They want to take action to arrest the imminent problem, that their trusted Police are not able to tackle.

In our own land, we are facing similar predicaments. Indescribable crime committed, not only against adults, but against innocent children, have been hoarding our newspapers' headlines and front page. What are we going to do about it?

Should we emulate a similar call for the Church to combat crime?

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