Oct 17, 2007

Born in Malaysia but not considered a citizen of Malaysia

Kon Foo Chin, 58, was born in Kuala Lumpur to a Chinese immigrant father and a Malaysian mother, in 1949 and has always called Malaysia home yet he is still not a citizen. He has applied for citizenship in the 1960s, but the only problem was that he failed the Bahasa Malaysia test which he took as a young man. Not being granted citizenship has been difficult for him because he does not get the same kind of privileges that citizens get. One example is in the applying and renewing passport. According to Federal Territory MCA Youth deputy chairman Yee Poh Ping, he estimated that some 200,000 Chinese residents in Malaysia are still holding red ICs. Most of them are senior citizens who have been living in Malaysia for many years. Some have been here even before Independence. Over the years, they have paid their taxes and contributed to the Malaysian economy, and their families are all here...The Star.

It is ironical to think that you can be born in the country of your birth and yet that country does not accord to you automatic citizenship. Yet you hear of thousands if not tens of thousands having red Identity Cards (ICs) within 1 or 2 years of entering Malaysian soil. Most of the time, these illegal immigrants come into the country via illegal gateways and sometimes through perilous waters and the cloak of darkness of the night.

Cheer up and rejoice that our Lord does not practice such biasness and injustice. Our God is a God of justice and righteousness for everyone. If your are born into His kingdom, He gives you instant citizenship for His Kingdom. He even promise you a mansion is awaiting you when you spend eternity with Him.

So the next time you hear of someone lamenting the issue of lack of MyKad or blue ICs or citizenship, point them to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings who gives His citizenship liberally when you are born again into His Kingdom.

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