Oct 15, 2007

12 people were killed while trying to worship a god

Yesterday there was a stampede at an Indian temple in Gujarat in the nation of India. The police said, twelve people have been killed after a stampede at a hilltop Hindu temple in Gujarat. The temple is situated in Panchmahal district, nearly 150km (90 miles) south of Ahmadabad, the main city of western Gujarat state. A further eight people were injured at this religious festival at the popular temple of Hindu goddess Mahakali.

Since the beginning of time, Man has been pursuing god due to the spiritual vacuum in everyone's heart. In India, it was noted that the number of gods are actually more than the whole population of India, and that is more than 1 billion people!

In such a quest for the almighty, maybe it is good time to question oneself on why does a god (if every she exist) allows lives to be lost, when devotees are on the verge of paying homage and worship to her.

Just like the contest between the Lord God Almighty as worshiped by Elijah of the Bible and the god Baal as worshiped by the 850 prophets as depicted in 1 Kings. The Lord answered convincingly by fire from heaven, while the god Baal seems to be adamant about the whole affair.

Note the rhetoric comments as asked by prophet Elijah as though it seems relevant to this particular incident:
"Maybe your god Baal has gone on a holiday! Or is he hard of hearing and you should shout louder and mutilate your bodies more so that he will answer."

In my humble opinion, our God is always near us and in our hearts. The most holy place to worship God is a sacrificed life in our body, the temple of His Spirit, that God is pleased to dwell.

Where is your God? Is He in you or on a hilltop somewhere like those in Gujarat?

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