Feb 28, 2011

Segamat Flood 2011 - Flood relief by Charisma Assembly

The following video is a brief report on the Segamat Flood that happened in February 2011 and what our church did to aid the flood victims.

As you have heard that Segamat went through a massive flood on CNY and many victims lost everything. This flood was worse than the one in 2006. In fact, lives were lost this  time while in 2006, none was lost.

As a christian testimony for Christ, we co-ordinated a flood disaster relief work on the 26th & 27th February 2011.

We organized to distribute rice, milo, towels, biscuits, mee, etc. to help victims in their post-flood. We identified and distributed to 1500 homes. It is a lot of work.

Our budget was RM200,000 for 1500 homes that works out to RM133 per family.

Prior to the distribution:

1. Our church people went door-to-door to most of the flood victims and identified them to be genuine flood victims. In this way, there is no false distribution to non-deserving families, no multiple collection per family.

2.We collected 1500 addresses as data on families:  by ground investigation. There are actually more than 1500 families, about 4000 families were affected, but that would involve a tremendous huge sum of money for relief work, which we didn't have. We have to improvise according to our budget.

3. We targeted and gave relief to Malays, Chinese and Indians who were neighbors to each other regardless of race or religion.

4. We targeted single storey houses first. No bungalows. No semidetach houses. No business premises. No rich families because they do not feel as much loss as compared to the less fortunate ones. Period. Our objective was reaching out to the community with love through flood relief.

5. We channeled them to collect the flood relief goods on the 26th and 27th February 2011.

Please view  the  video for the report:

God bless all the donors, supporters, sponsors, helpers, church members and everyone far and near, who has made this flood relief effort a success.

To God be the glory, great things He has done. !!

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  1. Great job! Praise the Lord for a caring and loving Church. You are a lighthouse to your community. God bless!