Jan 19, 2011

Testimony of Francis Yeoh at GoodTV

Be blessed:

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  1. You came to church and you sang
    You gave glory to God like others many
    You unwittingly displayed your passion for the Christ
    And by the stroke of your pen you made many wonder
    How great you are like the Son of Man

    But before you continue to sing
    Before you utterly mention again how great
    God is to you and your family
    Consider your deeds and your resources
    Pause a second and take a look at the deep blue sea

    For every soul you claim for God
    For every soul you given thanks and stood proud of
    For every soul you publicly proclaim saved and announce
    glory be to God for He is the Prince of Peace
    There are 10,000 more souls who had to endure
    10,000 more who had to suffer and be in pain
    10,000 more souls who had to cry out to God

    For by the stroke of your pen you took from the 10,000
    And divided up what was given them by God
    Just to satisfy one soul and whose name you use to proclaim God's greatness
    You had great musicians to entertain your selected guests
    And by capitalising on the thirst of others
    You proclaim that God paid the bill and not you
    But what you took from the people, the 10,000
    Maybe it is time to give back to those you taken from
    What is not yours but in fact blessings from God for the many

    By the stroke of your pen you made many pay steep for essentials
    By the stroke of the pen you entered into agreements to deceive many
    And yet you can look at the 10,000 straight in the eye
    And proclaim that you are merely a stewart of God's wealth
    You had made one at the expense of many
    And yet you claim God's is great and God blessed you

    Behold the greatness of God has yet to begin
    For if the Prince of Peace were you he would have done
    exactly what he did in the presence of many and proclaim
    give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's and give to God what is God's
    What is before you has nothing to do with the greatness of God
    You are just a sly mathematician who understood the formula of deception

    The time will soon come to roll
    Your end and your empire build with gold
    Will soon wrinkle and be forgotten like the unforetold
    But before it is too late do not do like the rich merchant
    Who decided not to follow Jesus or part with his gold
    For the gold you hold so dear shall soon be used in ways
    To pave the streets as though they are worthless potholes