Jul 16, 2010

What is normal Church Life?

1Co 4:20 For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

The church is a representation of the Kingdom of God.

But what is the church doing most of the time? Words, words, words and words.

It's about time, that we bring back the Power of God into the church.

1. The church must delight in the miraculous, because that is the normal church life.

2. The church must hunger for the miraculous, because it demonstrates the presence of God.

3. The church must welcome the miraculous, because we are welcoming the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

4. The church must teach about the miraculous, because we need the expectation of the people for the power of God to rise, and faith will be exercised.

5. The church must bask in the miraculous, because there are too many deceptive powers outside that are enticing the believers.

6. The church must display the miraculous, if not how else will the world know that the Creator God is still alive and well.

7. The church must converse about the miraculous, as much as you converse about the daily matters of the day, because it gives testimony to the powerful ability of God.

8. The church must believe for the miraculous, because God's promises were already given to the church. And to believe any less, is deemed unbelief.

9. The church must write, speak, text, sms, email and "facebook" (if there is such a verb) about the miraculous, because it keeps our mind looking unto Jesus, in the midst of much temptations and attractions.

10. The church must act out the miraculous, because we are commanded to preach the gospel with all its power and glory.

by Steven

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