Sep 1, 2008

John G. Lake’s Secrets of Divine Healing

About John G. Lake:

John G. Lake was a man greatly used of God during the first half of the 20th century.He was perhaps best known for his healing ministry which was centered in The Healing Rooms that he started in Spokane in 1915. During a five year period (1915-1920) Lake and his team of “Divine Healing Technicians” were used by God to effect over 100,000 healings. Dr. Lake trained his Technicians with a series of divine healing lectures.

These are his secrets:

1. Destroy sacred cows concerning sickness and power

2. Recognize sickness and disease as an enemy

3. Get Fed Up

4. Treat all sickness the same

5. Treat all sickness like a person

6. Command not beg

7. Speak to the problem – not to others about the problem

8. See people as oppressed prisoners of war

9. Get clean – stay clean

10. Stay out of pride – anyone could do what you are doing

11. Be aggressive – develop your aggressiveness

12. Be led by God’s character and nature

13. Accept responsibility for your fellow man.

14. Decide to obey the Bible, not some arbitrary feeling

15. Know that God is with you, in you, and for you

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