Sep 1, 2008

AFC presentation and Camp Segamat

The AFC group is from St Paul's Church, PJ and their youth is actively involved in Creative Evangelism.

The following corporate statement speaks for themselves:


ALL FOR CHRIST is a non – profit Christian creative evangelism ministry which consists of young Christians from various denominational churches, from ages 7 to their twenties and above, uniting together with their purpose, committed to raising armies of young people for God, to be bold and strong to proclaim the truth and power of the gospel, since its inception in 13 December 1996.

ALL FOR CHRIST is not a young people’s social club or entertainment group, but a ministry that invest, train, and mould this generation of young people to discover their talents and gifts to fulfill the Great Commission, as instructed by our Lord Jesus Christ, and shape the future of our churches and society.

ALL FOR CHRIST perform for the very purpose of sharing the message of love, peace, hope, and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

ALL FOR CHRIST is a Jesus Inspired Active Lifestyle that connects with today’s young people in a positive manner. Using Christ’s ministry as a model, to become an initiator of new generation of inspired active lifestyle.


To guide young people to have a wholesome healthy lifestyle – spiritually, physically, and socially.

To provide opportunities for young people to develop their talents and potential in performing arts, faith foundation building, and leadership enhancement.

To direct these young talents and vitality into creative message for God’s Glory and Kingdom.


They did a boot camp the last few days and some of the dances are as follows:

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