Oct 10, 2007

Organ donation a 'Christian duty'

Organ boxes are freely printed and circulated among Christian churches in Britain. The Church of England says that body parts should not be viewed as the person himself. The Church of England has declared organ donation to be a Christian duty, in keeping with giving oneself and one's possessions freely. Body parts should not be mistaken for the person themselves, and the best way to treat them reverently is to use them to heal others, the Church said.

You are a Christian and the Church of England says your body parts now belongs to others because it is your Christian duty to give it away. What is your initial reaction? I believe in helping others and also aiding in the healing of the infirm. I have no qualms on giving my body parts for the benefit of humanity if that is the best solution for the recipient. Of course, it will be after my departure from this world. Don't ask for it when I am alive.

If you decided not to give it away, it will be no use to anyone including the owner of the organ. From dust to dust, the Lord says. It will return to the earth and be eaten by maggots and passed out as dust. So why do many Christians not decisively donate their organs?

Do you think it should be made compulsory or preached as a Christian duty? Could the major Christian organization such as NECF make it a Christian policy to do such acts of kindness?

Would the church in Malaysia be at a forefront to organize organ donation as a national social service to this country and its citizens?

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