Sep 30, 2007

a faulty human government in Myanmar

"...Myanmar security forces marching down the streets of downtown Yangon yesterday, sweeping through the country's main city in a crackdown on anti-government protests..." from The Star Malaysia

Ever since the beginning of time, we have seen again and again that all kinds of human governments have not been able to rule humanity with fairness, love, compassion and peace. The sin-natured kings and queens or rulers have always placed self above all else especially the people that they are supposed to care for.

Israel wanted a king because the other nations around them had kings. God said, Israel have rejected God as their king when they demanded a human king to be their ruler. The people were warned that the king would make demands on them. The king would desire their strong men and take their girls for his wives. They have to contribute to the coffers of the king to maintain the demands of the kingdom. Yet after all the warnings, Israel chosed the have Saul as the king and placed less importance on seeking God who is their King of Kings.

Today, we are seeing all forms of government from democratic, semi-democratic, communist, socialist to militant rule. People are still electing kings, rulers, presidents, queens, agongs, sultans, and someone whom they think can make the right decisions for them.

What do you think? Will human governments fail again just like in Myanmar?

Is democratic government better than theocratic government?

Would you vote for a leader who is skilled in theology and seems more godly or would you choose communalism over democracy?

Do you believe in a government of the people, for the people and by the people?

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