Jan 23, 2006

Pastor Graham Keys and family

Last Sunday, January 22, 2006, we had a Pastor who came with the family.

He is Pastor Graham Keys from Auckland, New Zealand and he came with his wife Kim and his lovely children Sarah and Jeremy.

Pastor Graham originates from the New Life Church in Auckland and after fellowshipping in Melaka and New Zealand, we found that we have many friends in the ministry in common. We did exchange some contacts where he updated me on news. By the way, he is also very good with the computer and managed to assist to solve many technical problems.

God called him and his family to leave New Zealand, and they were in Penang for 6 months. Now they are based at Melaka, the hometown of his wife, Kim.

He came on Saturday, had a Nan Yang coffee, and ministered on Sunday morning.
On Sunday, he spoke about cleansing the "Jebusites" from our lives in order to hear from God.

Later at 4.00 pm at my house, he shared his testimony and how God dealt with him and the lessons he learnt. He also prayed and prophesied over those who were there.

That's Pastor Graham with his family.

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