Dec 24, 2005

Pointing Fingers this Christmas

Let's point our fingers this Christmas to bless someone.

Use the Finger Method to Share the Gospel:

Thumbs Up: Good!
A good way to begin by saying God is good. He is perfect and He wants what is best for us.

Pointer: You've Done Wrong!
We have sinned against God by wanting our own way, not God's way, even though He made us and wants the best for us.

Tall Man
Jesus Christ stands tall above all men. He never sinned. Yet He died on the cross for our sins so that we can stand faultless once again before God.

Ring Finger: For wedding ring, a symbol of love when a couple gets married.
Every sinner can be brought back to a new relationship with God when he gives his life over to Him.

Last Finger: Furthest from the thumb
When we want nothing to do with God and we reject what Christ has done for us, the distance between us and God remains forever.

When you share the Good News, have these at your FINGERTIPS!

* Find out his view about life
* Illustrate with stories
* Never argue or force
* Get to know his interests and needs
* Explain your convictions gently and respectfully
* Refer to the Bible
* Take time to listen
* Involve him/her in your life activites
* Pray for him
* See yourself as God's tool!

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