Dec 25, 2005

10 Steps to Becoming a Mission-Minded Church

The following was copied from a newsletter publication from OM Malaysia.

OM had been one of the earliest mission organizations to be mission minded over Asia.
Visit their website to find out more:

10 Steps to Becoming a Mission-Minded Church

Pray consistently for God's wisdom and guidance. Pray for the church & missionaries.

Confirm and affirm the Church's call to the Great Commission.

Identify Servant Leaders/Influencers/Senders and / or parishioners interested in missions and encourage a support group.

Develop a "Business Plan in Missions". Look at where you are and where the church is? Ask God for a missionary vision of the Antioch church.

Set realistic and workable policies within the local church/denomination.

Educate children, teens, young adults, families and seniors on the urgency and the necessity of the Great Commission.

Begin to give to mission work (e.g. 10 - 25% of congregational giving to missions).

Begin with short-term mission trips, church-mission trips or projects. Not mission tours! Start local evangelistic/compassion ministries.

Send workers to long-term missions. Consider sending 10% of the congregation into the mission field in 5 years.

Work with mission agencies or mission minded churches:
a. Developing mission policies and work according to the gifting of the church.
b. Develop missionary preparation, care, recruitment.

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