Dec 5, 2005

'Gay weddings' become Legal in UK

'Gay weddings' become Legal in UK

Soon we will experience a great social drift into Homosexualism and Lesbianism. Thousands will be expected to take advantage of the change in the law in UK.

Many gay couples have been campaigning for their rights for years and at least 1,200 ceremonies are confirmed and have been scheduled.

Under the new law, couples who want to form a partnership must register their intentions with local councils. Unlike marriages, the signing of the legal partnership papers does not need to happen in public.

The Bookings for the registration at the local councils are:

Brighton and Hove: 510
Westminster: 140
Manchester: 88
Newcastle: 80
Birmingham: 70
Leeds: 60
Edinburgh: 76
Sheffield: 58
Nottingham: 50
Glasgow: 30
Cardiff: 24Belfast: 20
Liverpool 20
Londonderry: 6
Aberdeen: 5

Meg Munn, minister for equality, said the government expected 4,500 couples to get "partnered" in the first year.

But a spokesman for the one of the UK's major Christian groups told the papers they believed same-sex couples should not get the same rights as married couples.

"If you transport something unique, like marriage, into a different context, there's always a cost. And the cost here is in terms of reduction of marriage and the undermining of it," Don Horrocks of the Evangelical Alliance said.

Other senior clergymen have warned that civil partnerships for gay people will undermine the institution of marriage.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff has warned that the new law will have negative consequences.

The Most Rev Peter Smith said: "What the Government should do in terms of public policy is support marriage rather than undermine it," he said.

This is exactly like in the days of Noah and Lot.
Watch out for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. God Help His Church.

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