Nov 25, 2005

FGAPlus Fellowship/Miri Conference

Just returned from Miri - Leadership Conference which lasted from Monday to Wednesday.
The unity of the gathering and the consesus that was reached on so many matters were awesome. Truly, God is in the midst of us and doing something very new that will impact all the 7 churches and many more other churches in the network and beyond in the years to come.

The 7 churches were:
FGA Miri
Whitefields Assembly (FGA Seremban)
FGA Batu Pahat
FGA Ipoh
FGA Taiping
FGA Centre (FGA Penang) and
Charisma Assembly (FGA Segamat)

We decided that our network will be called FGAPlus Fellowship.
The elected Chairman will be John Lee and the Vice Chairman is Bernard Teh.

I was given the task of producing a blog to link the information among the 7 churches together.
So this was what I came out with:

I believe that in the near future we will be seeing many collaborations and co-operation together to take Malaysia and many parts of the world for Jesus Christ. Already we are setup in so many locations in the region and so well spread out for world evangelization.

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