Jul 7, 2009

Malaysian Care – 30th Anniversary

malaysian care

It is not often that we hear of a ministry that can last for 30 years. Don’t talk about ministry. Some marriages don’t even last more than 7 years – no thanks to Hollywood culture of divorce and separation.

Here we have a ministry called Malaysian Care, a social work ministry based on Christian principles, that has lasted for 30 years. Somehow, through the grace of God, they actually grew from strength to strength year after year, and that alone speaks tremendously about the faithfulness of God.

Come this 14th – 16th August, they will be showcasing their work together with 40 other Christian NGOs and church ministries that are involved in social concerns. They will be using the Dream Centre at Damansara Utama Methodist Centre, Petaling Jaya and their theme will be “The Church in Community Transformation”. For those who are available, the exhibition will definitely be a spiritual eye-opener. You can read more about this at: www.malaysiancare.org or go directly to:


Hey, do you know one of our church members, Huan Ching is also actively involved in social work in KL. She wrote a great post at: http://mercyness.blogspot.com/2009/06/sweep-09.html. Go ahead and read all about it, and may it challenge you to attempt great things for our Lord and Savior.

God bless,

Steven Wong


Please forward this post to others so that they are aware of the event organized by Malaysian Care. This is a personal request from sister Qian Chen, a staff with Malaysian Care.

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