Jun 18, 2009

The Sevenfold test for Old Testament and New Testament


Writings from EW Kenyon:


The following appeared in EW Kenyon’s writings in the newsletter “The Tabernacle Trumpet”

e.w. kenyon

All New Testament teaching conforms to Old Testament types, and if all doctrine were built of the units of testimony of the whole Word, much false teaching would be done away with.


Take this  sevenfold test.

All New Testament doctrine must be found:

1. In Genesis, in germ (or seed) form;

2. In the Law, in type;

3. In Psalms, in sacred song;

4. In the Prophets, as prophecy;

5. In the Gospels, taught by Christ;

6. In Acts, practiced by the Apostles;

7. In the Epistles, as doctrine.


… Every  truth, or doctrine taught in the New Testament can be found by the Spirit-taught student in these sevenfold steps. It gives the Christian an entire Bible. Then let us see, if the whole Word sends forth clear tones in perfect harmony with each other as we ascent the scale from Genesis to Revelations.


EW Kenyon


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