Jun 21, 2009

Samuel Logan Brengle


Writings from his book: Helps to Holiness:


samuel logan brengle


This is where the devil really begins. Many people who say they are fighting the devil do not know what fighting the devil means. It is a fight of faith in which the soul takes hold of the promises of God, and hold on to it, and believes it, and declares it to be true in spite of all the devil’s lies, in spite of all circumstances and feelings to the contrary, and in which it obeys God, whether God seems to be fulfilling the promise or not. When a soul gets to the point where he will do this, and will hold fast the profession of his faith without wavering, he will soon get out of the fogs and mists and  twilight of doubt and uncertainty into the broad day of perfect assurance.

Salvation Army Commissioner Samuel Logan Brengle

(1860 – 1939)


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