Apr 24, 2009

Sayings of Curry Blake from DHT

About the Word of God...

If your knowledge of God's Word exceeds your obedience to God's Word, you are a back-sliden Christian.

We use the Word of God to prove healing. Jesus uses healing to prove He is the Word of God.

Stop waiting on a phone call from God to do something he has already written you a letter about. Just go and do it.

Don't ask God to do what He has already done and don't ask God to do what he said you should do.

"God never called me to be a theologian. He called me to be a doer of His Word."

About healing...

The No.1 hindrance to healing is that you yourself believe you can't be healed.

The church has generally taught and believes that healing is a reward or gift based on our own righteousness.

Devil's don't listen to you because of what you say, but rather because of who you represent.

Jesus only gave 2 reasons for failure in healing; Unbelief and the traditions of men which makes the Word of God of none effect (Mark 7:13).

We says "Stop sinning and you will be healed". Jesus set people free first and then said "Go, and sin no more".

We were all heathens and sinners when the blood of Jesus saved us. It is the same blood that saves and heals. So, why do we think the blood of Jesus can't heal someone just because they are in sin or a heathen.

About Christianity and the gospel...

Christianity started in Israel as a relationship.
It went to Greece and became a philosophy.
It went to Rome and became a religion.
It came to America and became an enterprise.

The gospel of Jesus Christ will always have actions to back it up; it will always bring people to a point of action or decision.

The gap between the church and the world is getting less and less and less; which means that the level of holiness and purity in the church has gone down. Because I guarantee you that the level of holiness and purity in the world has not gone up.

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