Nov 17, 2008

Healing and glasses

This came from Curry Blake:


How come some ministers that preach healing wear glasses?


First, let's get something straight. No one has a right to base their interpretation of Scripture on the walk of another person. You should never base what you believe God wants you to do on what another person does. A wise person will always look at the Word of God for their example and for their "limitations". Men make mistakes. People that base their walk with God on how another person walks with God, will always fall, eventually. Quit looking for examples and become one. Now, on to the question.

A minister can preach healing and yet not have a good understanding of why or how God heals. He may believe that God will heal others and yet not be convinced that God will heal him. He may be committing some secret sin, large or small, and therefore believe that God won't heal him until he quits the sin. Notice the important thing here is that he BELIEVES that God won't heal him until he quits the sin. If that is what he believes then that is what he will receive. Everyone gets from God "according as they have believed".

Many ministers believe that their eye problems are their "thorn in the flesh", just as they believed that Paul's thorn in the flesh was an eye problem.

We will deal with "Paul's Thorn" in a later question.

Minister's are not exempt from God's demand that we live by faith. Being a minister doesn't mean that you have less problems than other people, it means you bear their burdens and your own problems and situations. Ministers that preach healing, many times, have to fight sickness and disease in their own bodies, more often than the people they pray for. Now this is not God's plan, it is how the enemy works. The Bible principle is that the laborer should be the first partaker of what he preaches. The fact that a "healing minister" would continue to preach healing while wearing eye glasses should be a tribute to his fortitude rather than a detraction.

If a minister's glasses bother you, pray for them. don't bad mouth them. but if you are going to pray for them, do it between God and you. Don't go to them and bring it up, they are likely already fighting the devil who constantly tries to put condemnation on ministers (just like he does everybody else). The enemy will constantly barrage (buffet) a minister with the idea of getting out of the ministry by making the minister feel that he is not living up to the standard of the Word of God and the message he preaches. Don't help the devil. Pray privately for the minister. Even if you go to them and offer to pray for them, the enemy will try to turn your concern into condemnation. So pray for them in your prayer closet. This same principle would hold true with any physical problems that a minister may be dealing with.

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