Sep 5, 2008

Al Azhar University - in Malaysia

al azhar

Mohamad signs a plaque at the ground breaking ceremony, while Dr Umar (right) looks on.

Al-Azhar University (pronounced "az-HAR", Arabic: الأزهر الشريف‎; Al-ʾAzhar al-Šarīf, "the Noble Azhar") in Egypt, founded in 975, is the chief centre of Arabic and Islamic learning in the world. However do you know that others have called this University, the University of Terrorism ! (

This University is the foremost university for any Muslim who wants to study about Islam and its cause. It is the Harvard of the Muslim world. Throughout its history, they have always boasted that their campus in Egypt is prestigious and most well known. Today, they have opened their FIRST branch outside of Egypt, and guess where it is located. It is sited at Rembau, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia.

THE opening of Al-Azhar University's branch campus in Malaysia would attract thousands of Muslim students from Southeast Asia and enhance Malaysia's image to the world, said a representative of the university from Egypt, Dr Umar Abdullah Kamil.

What is the implication of opening this University in Malaysia - at your doorstep:

The following story was written by: Kareem who describes himself as a down to earth Law student; He look forward to help humanity against all form of discriminations. He was studying Law in Al Azhar University.

By Abdul Kareem Nabeel Suleiman (Kareem Amer)
Sunday, May 7, 2006

I was not surprised when some security bureaus announced that one of those who executed the recent Sinai Peninsula bombings was an Al-Azhar University student from the Faculty of The Fundamentals of Religion. I am well aware that this university is one of Egypt’s important producers of terrorism through its academic curricula, with which it strongly fills students’ minds, and so turns them into human monsters that do not hesitate to harm whoever announces his disagreement with them. This is because their curricula have taught them – in all simplicity – that those who differ from them do not have a place in this life.

You can read up more on Kareem at:

What do you do then? Pray for Malaysia.

If ever you need to do anything, it is to pray, pray and pray.

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