Aug 16, 2008

Miracles of the Bible in Mozambique!!

I think they have disabled the video clip indirectly;

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= > more than 100 raised from the dead. See how God is performing some of the same miracles in Mozambique today, that are reported in the Bible as done by Jesus 2000 years ago!

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Heidi Baker and her husband had been mightily used by God to bring food, gifts and resources together with the Gospel and the Power of the Gospel to the people of Mozambique.

They have a heart for the children ministry and are very gifted to reaching out to them. Together with the preaching of the Word of God, there is a revival among the simple folks and great miracles were witnessed when their own people began to pray for one another, including raising the dead in the name of Jesus! Up to date, over 100 people had already been raised from the dead.

You can watch another clip here:

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  1. Pastor / Blogger

    If a small synopsis of the video is available it would be much appreciated. It would be of assistance to those who don't have a mic/head phones (like me).

    The blog is very good!!! Good work!!!

    God Bless
    Chris Sheeran