Jul 29, 2008

Time for a family holiday

We had been so busy running around the house and other places, that there was not enough time to do any thing else. Sometimes we can be so busy just pushing the daily routine that there is no time to reflect on the usefulness of our labour. Our age is catching up, the time clock is ticking, the children are growing so quickly, and yet there are so many things that we want to achieve, that by our own strength, I think we can never achieve them all in this lifetime. We can only live one day at a time according to the time and purpose of God, and hopefully we will live long enough to see the fruits of the future generations. Yes, we will see the fruit of our labour, but if anything is to last, the next generation must be equipped to take over effectively.


(St Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi)

Actually we had already booked a family holiday at Hanoi, Vietnam. But unfortunately, the trip which was due yesterday had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

At first I thought of cancelling the trip but then decide to postpone it to 25th August 2008. Bob Voyage! Hanoi, here I come.

Seriously speaking, God had a Sabbath day of rest. It is unbelievable that the great Creator of the whole universe had a day of rest. In our finite mind, my reasoning is, God does not need rest! God does not get tired! God does not sleep! His strength is immensurable! He does not have any weakness. Period. So why does he need to rest after the sixth day of creation?

My only explanation is that He was laying a principle for you and me to follow. Brothers and sisters, go and take a Rest. Take your family for a break. Have a family holiday (to some, this may be even more stressful). Take a nap in the hills or beach side and reflect on God's love and goodness.

If you like durians, come to Segamat for a break. I guarantee you free boarding, and tranquility amidst the greens of the countryside. See you soon!


  1. hi dad! enjoy your trip to vietnam. hope everything goes well there. is it ok to take mom there so soon after surgery?

    Love, god bless

  2. huan chingJuly 30, 2008

    realy glad dat everything goes on well for aunt lai ngan!!! emm...hanoi sounds nice, holiday sounds sweeter! enjoy de retreat!

    "surely goodness and luv will follow me all de days of my life"Ps.23:6

  3. Thanks Huan Ching,
    Remember to take some rest yourself too, once on a while.

    God bless,

  4. Bro Loh (Kong Peng)July 31, 2008

    Bro Steven, we pray and hope that Lai Ngarn is able to make the trip with you & family to Hainoi on 25 August. By that time, she should be completely healed. God is great! All The time.

    Tji Dja and me just came back from Melbourne. We were there to attend John Wen Jia's convocation. We took the opportunity to visit Mt Buller together with Julie Sue Joo too.Put up 2 nights at the cottage of Jamieson Valley Retreat. Beautiful country side and farm landscape.

    I am now back in Indonesia. Hopefully, thing works out well and I can call it a day for retirement so that I can spend more quality time with Tji Dja and our children.

    Be blessed and be blessing to others. GBU & family