May 11, 2008

Blessed Mother's Day


One of the things that we do in our fellowship is to present gifts to mothers on Mother's Day. Today is Mother's Day, and without fail, we gave them beautifully wrapped gifts from our hearts. This is to honor them and to love them, through the little that we can do. However, it is just more than gifts. It is also to proclaim the blessing of God in their lives. Without God's blessing, we do not have the perfect gift of love that we can receive from God.

And so, this Mother's Day, we pray that all our mothers will continue to have long lives, live in happy and contented families, continue to receive the joy of the Lord in their significant services, have enhancement in their giftings to bring up children (their own and others) in the fear and love of God, to prepare their home for the next generation so that they can become stronger and stronger in the face of the days ahead.

God bless you all mothers.

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