Apr 30, 2008

One Million Souls in Uganda

This letter came from Global Mobilization:

Dear Man of God:

The “ONE TO ONE” Evangelism and Discipleship campaign will involve one million born again and willing Christians In Uganda with the aim of converting one million people into the Kingdom of God in the period of one year between October 2008 and December 2009.

The strategy is simple in Uganda:

1. The task is for every participating Christian to WIN ONE person to Christ during the period of ONE year.
2. It will be the responsibility of each registered participant to:
* Take that new convert to an evangelical Church
* Make sure that person is baptized in water
* Make sure that person gets empowered by the Holy Spirit
3. The participant will be responsible for finding a Bible for that person as well as knowing all the details of the newly coverted person.

Can we consider doing this in Malaysia?

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