Oct 28, 2007

Sunday School Funfair 2007

We just got back from church from the Sunday School Funfair for this year, and we had about 250 kids excluding our own SS kids and parents. The hall was jammed packed and there was hardly any moving room. It was good to see the kids having a gala time, making them feel at home in the church premise. That's what church premises should be, where non-Christians can feel at home in the house of God without any fear or trepidation.

One of the purpose of this Funfair is to announce and encourage new children to join our Sunday School (or Children's Church) in order to see them learn about God and Jesus and to see them discipled in the faith. As Rick Warren says, first we need the Crowd - such as in a funfair. Then we create a Congregation. Then we discipled the Committed.

Pray for the Sunday School, for without the children we will have a deterioration of numbers in the church, and there will be no future leaders for it.


  1. Congratulations Steven & Lai Ngarn for another successful event. May God bless all of you and your kids as you soldier on to bring the gospel to Segamat and beyond. CTL

  2. Thanks Teng Lum. We would have achieve much without the prayers and support of so many of kind friends like you.

    God bless you successfully for His kingdom's work.

    God bless,

  3. wow wish i could have been there! =D

  4. Don't worry dear. We'll show you all the pics later.
    Study hard for your exam.
    God bless.