Nov 19, 2006

Children On Line Games Sites - Intro

Have you ever had an experience where other people pushes porn sites to your computer when your children are playing supposedly safe on line games?

I just did. My child was playing on line games from sites which are allegedly to be free from porn and adult material, but on launching the games, all kinds of pictures and lures and hooks appear trying to entice you to click on them. Even worse, they are instantly pop-up when the game is in progress.

After having counsel my son twice, I thought that it may be a better idea to list down here some of the safe sites - which in my opinion, does not have derogative content.

This will be easier for him to control his wandering clicks, rather than to ban him from the computer totally. It also saves me unnecessary future scolding, not knowing whether he went into the unsafe sites purposefully or accidentally.

I hope they can be helpful to your kids as well.

Happy parenting.

Steven W

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