Sep 17, 2006

Children having Fun with Teachers


Every church needs a contact point with the community that the church is located. In our case, the church is located among Mandarin speaking people and being very patriotic, the community has never put any importance on English.

After much thought and trepidation, the church decided to start a community and charity project called Teaching English Tuition, and as a result, a bridge was built between the church and the community.

We anticipated a beginning class of 20+ children, because of our lack of trust in God, we bought only 8 tables each sitting 4. We had 40+ on our first day and it continued to increase every week for five consecutive week, until we had 70+.

Due to this bridge to the church, we also see a corresponding increase in the Sunday School and the Children's Bible Class. For 5 weeks, the numbers kept on increasing from 30+, 50+, 70+, and then 105 children.

One of the Teachers told us that she repented before God because we tried to limit the number of children coming, while all the time, God was doing a sovereign work and supernatural work of bringing in the children and mothers to the church. (Amazing also because we did not spend a single cent to fetch the children, the non-christian parents send their children to church !) And God has not stopped doing this.

Let us not limit God and tell God enough. Like the woman with the vessels for oil, let us continue to bring more jars for God to fill, until the whole of Segamat hears of the mighty name of Jesus and the power of His Good News. His Good News is for families to be saved, healed, delivered, changed and transformed into Strong and Victorious People. God wants to bring in the Harvest, it is our duty to pray for more workers and to conserve the Harvest.

One Speaker said, we are Committed to Serve to See Lives Changed.
Today, our Speaker said, You Love God, You must Love Souls.

God Bless You.
Steven Wong

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  1. This is great! I saw your comment on my blog too. Thank you for your encouragement. I pray God continues to surprise you with His glory and goodness.