Mar 11, 2006

The Roots of the Middle East Conflict

The Roots of the Middle East Conflict

If we believe the Bible, the roots of this conflict go way back to the time of Abraham and the Patriarchs. The Arabs today are descended especially from the ancient Egyptians, the children of Ishmael and the children of Esau. God said concerning the children of Ishmael that they would be a warlike people - their hand would be against every man's and every man's hand against them. This has clearly been fulfilled in the case of the Arab people, who for all their good qualities do tend to see violence as an important option at any time - one they are all too willing to use. Added to this national tendency is the influence of the teachings of Islam, which encourage Jihad or "Holy War" upon the enemies of Islam. Qu'ranic doctrine basically justifies any attacks on others who do not submit to its doctrines. For example, when Mohammed could not convince the Jews that he was God's special prophet, he and his men went off and murdered them and took their money and their women for himself and his men. This was seen as a "holy" thing - Allah's judgment upon the infidels. Such thinking continues today. I've read the testimonies of former muslim terrorists who admitted that they were instructed that the womenfolk of the enemy were fair game for them - they could rape them, humiliate them or whatever as the spoils of war. All this and more is justified by the Qu'ran itself. If anyone doubts this I would be happy to provide evidence to back it up.

There has always been enmity between the children of Jacob (Israel) and the children of Ishmael and Esau, as well as the Egyptians. The Bible is full of such history, and it has continued down to the present time.

As a Christian, I believe there are many spiritual factors at work in this conflict, and that these events and what they are leading up to is extremely significant. No doubt they will lead into some of the most dramatic events in the history of the world, as the conflict concerning the truth comes to a climax.

The only real solution to this conflict would lie in Jesus Christ. If Arabs and Jews would come to Jesus Christ, recognising Him as the Son of God, and following His teachings, there would be no need for conflict. They would actually become blood brothers in Christ, because of a common interest in the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ given for our eternal salvation. However, at the present time, the Jewish people for the most part despise Jesus Christ, and the majority of Arabs see Jesus as an Islamic prophet, and the Bible as a corrupted document. They trust the Qu'ran and believe that God will reward them with a sensual paradise if they die in the battle for islamic glory and conquest.

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