Mar 17, 2006

Be Strong in the Lord and the Power of His Might

God has a vision and a desire for His Church.

God wants His church to be Strong and be filled with His Strength, not ours. Christian life is supposed to be full of excitement, new things, new joys and new happenings.

Yet in the midst of all these there is a Rest that comes from God. That rest comes because we have the strength of God.

Christian life is not supposed to be strenuous and exhausting - though many would say it is far from the truth. We are not to have burnt - out but instead be REfired in the Lord.

It is with that intention, that I have compiled a Book (A5 in size) of 24 pages long and I want to make it available to everyone who needs the Strength of God. It cost me less than RM3.50 to produce it, but I would gladly give it for free just to be of help to a Christian brother or sister who needs strength from the Lord.

The title of the Book is called "Be Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might".

Basically, it is nothing new - except that it takes a bit of research and exercises to compile out the relevant verses for personal meditation / quiet time / prayer.

I have also taken the liberty to translate the book into Mandarin. Sister Rebecca helped in the translation and she is really fast and good with it. I have not found a similar kind of book in Mandarin, and I hope it can help as many Chinese speaking Christians as possible.

May the verses and fifty four point notes in the book be a blessing to everyone who reads it.

God Bless,
Steven Wong

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