Feb 9, 2006

e-Match Making in Malaysia

One of the Best Visited sites in the World is Match.com - which is a matchmaking site for adults and young people. They charge you a fee to register and be a member but you will never know what kind of people you may meet. Some may even be punks and perverts - out to deceive the innocent.

Praise God we now have a Christian Matchmaking website in Malaysia!! and it is FREE..

This is set up by Dr.Benjamin George and his wife and from the response it seems quite good.

Now you can browse and surf the profiles in your own privacy without making an initial blunder.

Go to: =>

There's another website in Malaysia that does matchmaking.

Try this =>


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  2. Yes, agree 100% with you. You will never know who you will meet in there.

    What is more scary is that you friend tries to match make by finding someone in there for you.

    Worst still, the friend even gave your number to the person she thinks is right for you.

    Crazy rite?!!

    Wait till I find out who did that to me!!