Nov 11, 2005

The ABC's of Missions

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Shifting your focus from your comfort zone to the Great Commission is as simple as ABC.

So here's a checklist from A to Z to guide you.

Attitude: You'll face all kinds of obstacles as you work to fulfill the Great Commission. Keeping a good attitude can be the difference between a good missions experience and a bad one.

Bible: The Bible is your essential handbook for missions. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible not only explains why we should be on mission but you'll also find - particularly in the New Testament – examples of time-tested techniques for telling the world about Jesus.

Commitment: There's nothing easy about obeying the Great Commission. It carries considerable cost – perhaps even your very life. When you're on mission, you're commitment to Christ will be tested.

Dependence: From the day God tells you to follow Him on mission, you'll be forced to depend on Him for every step of the way.

Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is contagious even on mission. As an ambassador of Christ, your enthusiasm for your Savior will go a long way toward showing people why they need a relationship with Him.

Flashlight: A good missionary follows the Boy Scout motto: "Be prepared." When you're on mission telling people about the Light of the World, bring a portable light source to help you navigate in dark places.

Good Health: While on mission, you might find yourself in a very strenuous physical environment. Make sure you understand all of the physical requirements for a trip before you go, and then talk with your doctor about what you need to do in order to be physically prepared for the trip.

Humor: When you're on mission with God, expect anything and everything. As a good missionary remember to take God seriously while not taking yourself too seriously.

Intentional: Mission trips aren't vacations. As a Kingdom messenger, you mustn't forget your purpose! Be intentional about sharing the Gospel.

Jesus: What Would Jesus Do has become a cliché, yet that's exactly what you need to be thinking as you share God's love with hurting people in your community or around the world. You may be the only "Jesus" some people will ever see.

Kum-by-yah: You will find that some of the most memorable moments in your life will be the community – or should we say kommunity – that you develop while on mission, particularly among those on mission with you. But a word of warning – if you suggest singing Kum-by-yah fifty times in a row, you might find yourself walking back home.

Languages: When you talk about Jesus, it always helps if you can speak in the native language of the people you want to reach. However, when that is not possible, keep in mind that LOVE is a universal language.

Map: Whether you're traveling across an ocean or just across town, it helps to know where you're going. Take the time to find a good map.

Nations: God's concern for the nations goes all the way back to Genesis (Gen. 12:3). If God cares about the nations, so should you. Don't limit your missions involvement to people who look like you and talk like you. Step out of your comfort zone and into a whole new culture – which might be just down the street!

On Your Knees: Nothing is more essential to being on mission than prayer. Spend a significant amount of time praying for the person or people with whom you'll be sharing Christ. You'll be amazed at how God answers those prayers!

Passport: Being on mission means you should be prepared to go anywhere. If God sends you overseas, you'll definitely need a passport. But have no fear! These important documents are easy to get.

Quality Time With The Lord: Spend quality time with God before you join Him on mission. Let Him tell you how you can be a part of His work and then join Him where He is working.

Real: As you share your faith in Christ, be real and authentic. Non-believers can tell when you're being insincere or phony, and you'll just end up losing credibility in their eyes.

Servant's Heart: As you go on mission, be willing to do anything that God asks. Whether you're leading someone to Christ, making breakfast for the homeless or cleaning toilets, you can be confident that you're making a Kingdom difference! The prophet Jeremiah even says it's among the mundane matters of life that you will often encounter God (Jeremiah 29).

Toilet paper: We know from first hand experience that every bathroom in the world does not necessarily come complete with ... well ... necessities. Be sure you have a pack of toilet paper stashed someplace that you can easily access.

Underwear: If you plan on going on mission overnight, bring clean underwear ... as well as other toiletry items you might need. Being stinky – isn't the best attribute for a messenger of the Good News.

Vision: In order to be an On Mission Christian, you'll need to embrace God's vision for the world. Once you see missions through God's eyes, you'll never sit on the sidelines again. You'll want to get in! Ask God to help you see the world through His eyes.

Willingness: For some reason God chooses to use us to complete His worldwide mission. Your willingness to surrender to Him is an essential part of being on mission.

X-Treme: Going on mission with God means living life to the X-treme. You were made for this X-treme. From the moment you were conceived, God planned for you to share His message throughout the globe. What a promise!

Yes!: Being on mission starts by saying "yes" to God's global plan. Saying "yes" to God means saying "no" to a selfish status quo.

Zealousness: Your passion for Christ will make a monumental difference in how effective you are in sharing your faith. Ask God to make you zealous for Jesus and zealous for telling other about the Lord.

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