Oct 25, 2005

Seven Lessons from Job

Seven Lessons from Job

This is dedicated to Francis Ng. He was a persecutor of my faith in University, then became my friend when he accepted Christ and even to be as close as buddies. In December 2000, during the midst of the Breakthrough 2000 Seminar, we were standing side by side on the first day of the event. Subsequently, the next morning, he had a massive hemorrhage in the head and he passed away shortly at the Subang Medical Hospital. I can never understand why he had to go home to God so early.


In this life man will never know all of God's wisdom and in some respect is not even in a position ot ask the question, "Why?"

Although it is not always readily noticeable, the wicked will one day come to judgement

The belief that suffering is always a result of sin is totally wrong

Man is in no position to justify his own situation by accusing God of injustice

Theological arguements are not likely to stop the tears of one who is suffering

God's people are challenged to recognize with humility the sovereignty of God and to trust that in His wisdom there truly is a time and purpose for all things

Whether or not it is apparent, God is working in the life of each individual to bring His people into a closer relationship with Him

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