Oct 30, 2005

Rev John Clark

Today we had a wonderful Sunday Service and a good time of praising and worshiping the Lord Jesus.
Our guest speaker was Rev. John Clark who came with his wife sister Hyoncha.

Reverend John and Hyoncha Clark are from the United States and have spent the past seventeen years of their lives, as missionaries to the country of Taiwan.

For some years he has also worked on the pastoral staff of his home church, Aurora Gospel Tabernacle, (in Seattle), as the visitation and counseling pastor. They have traveled widely in Asia and visited many countries to bring the message of God's mighty power in transforming the heart and restoring broken spirits.

In recent years Reverend Clark has taught in various Bible Schools in Taiwan as well as in China. At the beginning of 2004, he published a bilingual book entitled, "God's Plan For Healing The Heart." They have sold out of the first edition of this book and are currently working on a second edition.

God has sent them to bring inner healing to those who are suffering from depression, family conflicts and deep hurts. Reverend Clark has a doctorate in counseling and has done extensive counseling for many years.

As they minister and counsel with people, the Holy Spirit gives them much revelation about personal conflicts and needs in peoples lives, which no one knows about but God. In their travels they have witnessed God doing wonderful miracles on sick hearts and renewing very troubled relationships.

They rejoice in all that the Lord has enabled them to accomplish.

You can read more about them at: Inheritance in Christ

His message was Rules for Handling Conflict:

1. Never use threat
2. Assume 100% of the responsibility
3. Beware of harse tone
4. Avoid making it a win-lose contest
5. Avoid these phrases - You - You're wrong - Never - I'll try - I can't
6. Don't interrupt or ignore
7. In anger, guard every word
8. Only speak on the present circumstances
9. Keep it private - not public (as in the book)
10. No personal attacks/insults (as in the book)
11. Learn to express grief as grief (as in the book)

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