Oct 5, 2005

20 Tough Questions

20 Tough Questions;

1. What specifically are you going to work on in the next week to become closer to God?

2. What do you feel is a little thing stopping you from getting closer to God?

3. What is one thing you need to confess this week?

4. When did you conquer sin this week?

5. In what areas of your life do you find it easiest to compromise your standards?

6. Does your faith point others to Jesus?

7. What are you going to give Jesus in the next week?

8. Can you give a recent example of a time you had to depend on God?

9. Where do you know you need humility in your life?

10. What would improve your prayer life?

11. Who was the last person you shared your faith with?

12. When was the last time you asked God for a miracle?

13. Do people who don't know you personally know that you're a Christian?

14. How has your walk with Christ changed over the last year?

15. When was the last time you had a quiet time with God on a consistent basis?

16. Do you talk about your sins with someone on a regular basis?

17. Are you regularly giving a portion of your income to God's work?

18. Are you truly a servant to people around you?

19. Have you been making an effort lately to protray Christ to those you come in contact with, even for only a few moments?

20. When did you last spend time in total solitude with God?

~~~~~~~~~~ adapted for personal edification ~~~~~~~~~~

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